Experience life the night Christmas began.

Returning December 2018

Hundreds of costumed volunteers bring to life this outdoor production that Compassion Christian Church has hosted since 1998.

Around 30,000 people from around the world are expected to attend over 10 nights.

Step back centuries in time and join others heeding the Roman decree that all must go to be taxed, each to his own ancestral home. Board a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Encounter wise men traveling across the desert. Watch evil King Herod pacing and plotting in his opulent palace. Enter the gates of ancient Bethlehem, teeming with travelers and shopkeepers. Follow shepherds to find a baby lying in a manger, and let the wonder of the season come to life in that star-lit stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon arrival in our main lobby, you will register and be assigned to a group of 30 people. You will make the journey to Bethlehem with this group.

First you will go into our indoor Worship Center, where you will experience the first part of The Journey: a live production of beautiful Christmas music.

Then you will be led outside to begin your journey. You will learn the history of your group and receive your citizenship papers. You will ride a boat across the “Sea of Galilee,” and you will walk a trail where you will encounter Mary, Joseph, an angel and Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth. You will come upon wise men following a star. You will see evil King Herod plotting and pacing in his palace. You will experience the sights, smells, sounds and tastes in the Bethlehem marketplace. And then you'll follow shepherds to find the baby Jesus lying in a manger.

Visitors can enter The Journey any time between 5 - 8 p.m. on any Journey night. Last admission is at 8 p.m. Once registered, you can expect your Journey experience to last for several hours.

If you purchase a timed ticket, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your time slot to allow adequate time for parking and getting into the building.

Visitors can expect to be here several hours on non-peak times. The second week of the production is generally more crowded, as are Friday and Saturday nights. Peak times will be longer.
The second week of the production usually draws even larger crowds than the first. Weekend nights are also busier than week nights.

We have golf carts available for people with special needs who are unable to walk the trail. Please visit the special needs table in the lobby area when you arrive.

Please note that strollers and wheelchairs are not allowed on the trail. We have a parking area for them near the trail entrance.

We will offer interpretation for people with hearing impairments at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11. Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance and go to the special needs table in the lobby.

The Journey experience is roughly 3/10 of a mile on a cleared path through the woods. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Please note that strollers are not allowed on The Journey trail. We have a stroller parking area for them near the trail entrance.
Since a large part of the experience will be outside, guests should dress with the winter weather in mind.
Childcare is not provided.

Please note that strollers are not allowed on The Journey trail. We have a stroller parking area for them near the trail entrance.
Young children can definitely enjoy The Journey! As you can expect to be here for several hours, we recommend you bring any food and drink they may need. You may also like to bring a book or quiet game to keep them entertained during the musical part of the experience.

Please note that strollers are not allowed on The Journey trail. We have a stroller parking area for them near the trail entrance.
Advance ticket purchase is recommended as it will speed up your registration time. However, tickets will be available for purchase at the door until the maximum visitor capacity for each night is reached.
Your ticket is now good for general admission on any day or time during the production.
Compassion Christian Church
55 Al Henderson Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31419
Approximately 2 miles
from I-95 Exit 94

The Journey CD

The beautiful Christmas music you hear as you start your Journey isn’t limited to the event.

Purchase the 2016 Journey CD and enjoy the music throughout the holiday season.

It’s available at Compassion Christian’s Resource Center and from iTunes, Amazon and other online digital music vendors.


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For information about attending the event, please call 912‑925‑9657 or email info@compassionchristian.com.